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British Virgin Islands, early spring 2011- On a new Lagoon 500 (View Layout) - Seven Days: Sunday through Sunday.
Five cabins, four couples, maybe with the "designated skipper" in the fifth cabin.This beautiful boat out of Tortola will provide a great way to tour the BVI, including a possible
run to spend 24 hours in the coral gardens of Anedaga. This trip is will require commitment by 02 February.

Future cruises: I would like to host two consecutive catamaran cruises in the Caribbean in late June/early July 2011 - Likely including the Independence Day holiday in the second week. Please let me know if you are interested in any specific dates, destinations, or hulls - These summer cruises (two seven-day back-to-back cruises on on a 48 or 50 foot cat - themes are yet to be defined: singles/couples/foodie/music/etc). Summer boats should be contracted by mid-March, but there are alrady good deals being hawked by the charter companies. The final details and pricing should be defined and posted by the equinox.

Use this link to view our cruising log from the July 2008 Stuck in Paradise trip

Tom Kelly



Son of a Son of Sailor

SIP-2008 Brochure
Stuck in Paradise Cruise

- The Bight on Norman Island,
- Great Harbor on Peter Island,
- The Baths on Virgin Gorda,
- Marina Cay
Trellis Bay at Reef Island,
- Great Harbor at Jost Van Dyke,
- Foxy's,
- Cane Garden Bay,
- Soper's Hole (West End)

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